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About Us

The New Jersey Hotel & Lodging Association (NJH&LA) (formerly the New Jersey Hotel/Motel Association) provides its members with assistance in operations, education and communications. NJH&LA lobbies to provide a business climate in which the industry can continue to prosper. Our membership consists of Hotel and Motel owners or General Managers in New Jersey. Please take a moment and review the material which lists the many programs we have to offer so that you can decide if it would be in your best interest to take advantage of the services we have available. Please call 202-289-3100 and ask for member services.

Member Benefits

Educational programs

Programs which keeps you informed on traveler’s needs.

Monthly Newsletter

An electronic newsletter to keep you current on local industry events.

Discount services

Our Allied members offer to NJH&LA members ONLY.

Regional meetings

An opportunity to attend regional meetings to discuss legislative issues.

Annual Luncheon

You will have an opportunity to network with other property members.

WorldRes Listing

 This is an online service in which tourists staying in your area can reserve a room by visiting our website.

Board Seat

We also welcome any current members to sit on our Board. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Allied Membership with NJH&LA consists of companies that provide a product or service to the hospitality industry. Includes the following membership benefits:

  • One year membership in the NJH&LA.
  • Networking opportunities at all general and regional association meetings.
  • A subscription to the electronic legislative and industry updates.
  • Access to member roster for mailing purpose.
  • Inclusion in the Allied Member Directory kept at Headquarters for referrals when members call for vendors of particular goods and services.

Allied Membership Annual Fee – $200   (Total Value – $370)

Allied Membership

Allied Members

Allied Partner

Allied Partner status is the highest level of the Allied Program and is reserved to those companies that are given an exclusive endorsement (unless not legally allowed) through their Association Program.

Allied Partner Annual Fee – $2,000

To be approved as an Allied Partner a company’s program must fit one of the four categories listed below as with the secondary level, but to a much higher extent in savings or non-dues revenue. The potential Partner must be in an industry that has been determined by The Board as one where an exclusivity program makes good business sense.


  • A free product or service is offered to the NJH&LA members
  • A product or service is offered to the members at a significant discount compared to non-members.
  • Sales of a product or service to members are provided at a discount and the association receives a non-dues revenue contribution from the sale to a member
  • Vendor financed membership fees

The Board of Directors (or other approval authority) will first approve an industry for Partner status. For example: Telecommunications. The member services department will then send an introductory solicitation letter to the known players in that market, example AT&T, MCI and Sprint. Upon receipt of their proposals, the Board (or approval authority) will negotiate and choose and Allied Partner. Upon acceptance, they will automatically be entitled to several marketing opportunities and will have their program listed on the primary program collateral piece (see appendix A). Allied Partners will be given the right of first refusal of all marketing activities over Regular Allied and Preferred Allied Members.

In addition to the above benefits to the regular Allied Programs, Allied Partners will receive:

  • One year NJH&LA Membership
  • Copy of the NJH&LA mailing list in a label format
  • Full page advertorial introducing the program to the membership