Legislation Introduced Yesterday by Senate President Steve Sweeney

Imposes temporary surcharge on hotel occupancies in certain cities to fund public safety services.

This bill imposes a daily $3 per room surcharge on hotel 16 occupancies in certain cities. The bill requires all surcharges to be 17 deposited into a public safety services trust fund and dedicated to 18 fund public safety services for each qualifying city. The surcharge 19 revenues are intended to supplement, rather than replace, 20 appropriations for public safety services that are supported by 21 general revenues, such as the municipal State aid and the property 22 tax levy. To that end, the bill allows a qualified municipality to 23 appropriate the surcharge revenues in the municipal budget only if 24 municipal appropriations for public services in the current fiscal 25 year are higher than municipal appropriations for public safety 26 services in the prior fiscal year. The surcharges would sunset in 27 two years after the effective date.

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